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Foot And Ankle Treatments

Non-Invasive & Advanced Treatments

The foot and ankle are vital to everyday mobility, as well as sports and activities that require running, jumping, and quick directional changes. Because problems affecting the foot and ankle can cause pain and limited mobility that reduces one’s activity level or sidelines them from the sports they enjoy, seeking early medical attention, diagnosis, and effective treatment is critical to getting back on your feet. We get you back on your feet quickly using the least Invasive & most advanced treatments available thereby avoiding unnecessary Medications or Procedures. We offer board-certified Podiatrists, Foot and Ankle Specialists that will use comprehensive treatment on Foot & Ankle Conditions in the Pediatric, Adult & Geriatric population

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  • Comprehensive Treatment of Foot & Ankle Conditions in the Pediatric, Adult & Geriatric population
  • 3 Practice Locations Santa Monica Medical Plaza, Cedars Sinai Medical Towers, & UCLA Health in Marina Del Rey
  • On Staff with Providence Saint Johns Health Center &Cedars Sinai Medical Center

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