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Heel Pain Treatment

Heel Pain Treatment in Los Angeles

CLARIX FLO is a new treatment for heel pain in Los Angeles that delivers success when other conservative treatment methods fail. An injection of CLARIX FLO contains amniotic tissue from the umbilical cord, which has regenerative properties that helps promote healing and tissue growth while controlling inflammation. There is no leftover scarring or damage. Heel pain from inflammation is relieved, and the healing of affected tissue is supported.

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During The Procedure

We will numb your foot before inserting a small needle into the side of your heel. Usually an Ultrasound machine is used to guide the needle to an area that shows the most pathology. A small amount of powdered umbilical cord mixed with an anesthetic will be injected into the area around your plantar fascia. Some pain may be felt for 24-48 hours after the numbness wears off, and high impact activities should be avoided for a week. Your doctor will give you information on how to best manage any residual pain.

CLARIX FLO typically delivers pain relief in a few days, with an overall improvement in function over several weeks. The treatment works to both control both pain from inflammation and help support the healing process. While a single injection may relieve most of your pain, a second injection after six to eight weeks may be needed to boost the regenerative process. 


Treatment For Foot And Ankle Injuries

PRP has been investigated and used as a clinical tool for several types of injuries in the foot and ankle, including nerve injury, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, and bone repair and regeneration, this provides greater healing potential for chronic injuries or aids in surgical recovery. The know actions of PRP may have significant potential in the treatment of pathological conditions of cartilage, tendon, ligament, and muscle.

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What Is PRP?

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is blood plasma that has been centrifuged to concentrate the platelets. This concentration contains several different growth factors and Cytokines (small molecules used in tissue regeneration) that stimulate the healing of bone and soft tissue. PRP therapy is based on local delivery of a highly concentrated volume of platelets at the site of some musculoskeletal injury. When activated, (typically with collagen or thrombin), these platelets release various critical growth factors involved in healing.

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How Is PRP Injected

A very small amount of blood is drawn from the patient into a sterile tube in the exact same manner as a standard blood sample, this can be done in the Operating room or Office setting. The tube containing a patient’s blood is placed into a centrifuge and spun to separate the platelets from the other blood components. After a few minutes, the concentrated platelets are removed from the same tube and re-introduced into the patient at the site of the injury. Using a sterile needle, the PRP will be injected in and around the injury site such as the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon or Surgical site. This is all accomplished without using any animal products or other foreign material. The growth factors in PRP are activated and begin working within 10 minutes of the injection.

What To Expect? 

Patients who are interested in exploring non-surgical treatment options before resorting to surgery may want to consider Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP has also been shown to aid in healing from Surgical Procedures. Traditional non-surgical interventions include Corticosteroid (“cortisone”) injections, oral anti-inflammatory medications, exercise and bracing. In many cases, these modalities may not cure the condition, whereupon PRP may potentially be of great benefit. Before you can be considered a candidate for PRP, a complete examination must be performed by your treating physician. This will include a physical examination and diagnostic evaluation. Prior to treatment, you may be asked to refrain from taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for a week. Following the PRP treatment, some localized soreness may occur, which is typical of any injection. This can be addressed with ice, heat, or elevation as well as with acetaminophen. Physical therapy may be prescribed. Repeat PRP injections might be necessary within 6-8 weeks for optimal results.

What Our Patients Say

SoCal Foot and Ankle Doctors strive to be the best we can and are grateful for the opportunities we are given to help people heal and get back to doing the things that they love.

He was very to the point, efficient, knowledgable, and friendly. Would highly recommend.

Shane N.


Dr Hassid was super nice, very thorough, and explained all my options clearly.

Eileen M.


Friendly, quick, kind, and i was able to book the night before and see him first thing the next day — Love ZocDoc and Love Dr. Hassid.

Matthew S.


Our Board Certified Podiatrists

Socal Foot and Ankle doctors are committed to delivering the most exceptional treatments.

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